Sunday, May 13, 2007

A title earned

Mom. This Mothers Day I feel so worthy of the title. A title I have earned in so many ways. I know what it feels like to be utterly depleted of rest yet still be required to make coherent decisions. I know what it's like to need to turn on the car radio drowned out the noise of babies screams and toddler tantrums. I know what it's like to try to convince a three year old to just TRY a piece of corn. I know about changing a wet diaper and as I snap the last pant leg button to watch them poop. And poop. . . .there are too many stories and situations regrading poop. I know about the healing properties that a kiss has on a skinned knee and rocking the wounded repeating, "Mommas here, Mommas here." I know what it feels like to crowd with other parents waiting to pick up their babies from the church nursery. To see your babies face searching the mob for my familiar face; our eyes meet and they light up with joyful relief.
In the years that I tried and tried for the title of Mother, I didn't know that I would ever reminisce about the days when our house was quite and Cheerios didn't stick to the bottoms of my feet. But I admit sometimes I do. I also didn't fully know the satisfaction I would have crawling into bed at night, my body aching from the days worth of holding, cuddling, lifting, toy picking upping, wiping and changing. A day well spent. Happy Mothers Day to all you in the trenches with me and to all the pre-mothers out there who's heart are being prepared.

My sister Elisabeth, My niece Mariko, My mom Sharon, Phoebe Claire, Me


Rachel & Family said...

Oh you have your hands full with 3 little ones...but you seem to handle it with such grace.
My little Sawyer saw one of the twins a few days ago, and she is desperate to meet both of them and to play with Tobin. We HAVE to have your family over!!
And you are definately not alone when you sometimes miss the days before babies. I miss the days when "sleeping in" meant more than just making it to 7am...

Sharon said...

The stages of life seem to pass so quickly. Your post is evidence of that, because while I am also a mom, as you are, I no longer have to (get to) do so many of things you described here.

It's seems so amazing when we stop and take a peek at our lives through these reflective glasses! Time marches on and we don't even realize it sometimes!

Motherhood evolves with our growing children, until one day we will walk about our quiet houses and wish that there were Cheerios stuck to the bottoms of our feet!

Happy Mother's Day, Becca! You are such a wonderful mom and friend! I love you!

mcmom said...

Becca, this is so well put. I have enjoyed getting to know you and seeing what a wonderful mother you are. Happy Mother's Day.

Stephanie said...

What a great post! Happy Mother's Day!

Fabulous picture of you and your family.

Leslie said...

I get it! I find myself amazed at times that we moms can do everything we do, and wake up the next day and do it all over again-as if it were effortless and not exhausting and mind numbing at times. I mean, is that even humanly possible? I think we moms have super strength and endurance. Although this theory doesn't explain why I'm not super skinny from all the work I'm doing everyday....hmmm

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your family. Here's to many more for you Becca. And you have definitely earned the title of Mom.

AngieG said...

Always love your posts. I loved sharing Saturday with you and all my friends at Court Street. Happy Mothers Day. I love you much!

Meghan said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! What a lovely post about motherhood and I especially enjoyed how you extended a Mother's Day wish to those of us "aspiring" mothers!! Some day soon I hope. I know I need to update my blog, I'm so bad about it!! Let's just hope I get better when I have a baby... Rachel is always getting mad at me for not blogging more...I mean geez, she posted a blog about MY husband's 30th birthday and I didn't!! She's so great!!

Tiff said...

As a survivor of infertility myself I have an idea of the frustrations involved in becoming a mom, though my struggle was not as long as yours. You absolutely deserve your title - you are one I find helpful to look to when I reach a baby related problem I'm not sure what to do with! Although we don't talk often, thank you for the support you have given me as we tried to start our own family, and now that we have, as we try to figure out what the heck we are doing!