Monday, May 21, 2007

Just start writing.

All of my writing teachers have given the advice that if you don't quite know what you want to say, just start writing. So I am taking that idea and hoping that the some sort of coherent train of thought will follow.
I'm in the market for a new Bible. Mine is from college and has been highlighted to death and has notes written in the margin with my college thoughts and color scheme for my wedding. I love reading The Message Bible but it's not great for studying. I also want something "grown up" that is leather bound. Anyone have any suggestions?
Speaking of suggestions, I am open to parenting advice regrading my almost eleven month old twins biting each other. Phoebe currently has three sets of teeth marks on her arm. But don't feel sorry for her because Jabe has two on his arm and one on each ear. I don't want to keep them separate all day cause I need them to play well together. Ideas?
I need new sheets for our bed. Notice I didn't say want new sheets. Matt pointed out to me that his side has a large hole in it. Any earth shattering finds in that department bloggers?
And lastly as I leave you with this post that really had no fluent thought or testament to my brilliant English professors so I give you a picture from mothers day. Tobin and his cousin Elsa on the farm.


Sharon said...
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momaof4 said...

I do love NIV. Darren loves NAS.
Leather is super nice.

No help on the biting. I alway's did what Sharon did!

Sheets: that same thing is happening to us. they are thin and worn out. We did try to buy a cheap set once. (really what does the thread count matter!?) A LOT!!! They were horrible. Let me know if you find good deals.

Leslie said...

I found some great sheets at Macy's and they were way cheap (as in price, not quality). I got a comforter, 2 sets of sheets, 4 pillow cases, and 2 shams for $75. I couldn't tell you what the thread count it, but they are good ones.

I like a thin line Bible because it's easy to carry.

No help on the biting either, sorry!

Michelle said...

Last year I bought some sheets at Costco.... I think it was like $60 set/KING... GREAT deal.... AWESOME sheets. They were soft from the first time... and if they are clean... they are the favorite set on our bed all the time. Super high thread count.

Rachel & Family said...

Ahhh sheets. I remember way back when (about 12 years ago)...I had purchased a beautiful set of white sheets to go on our new bed. I was so excited, they were exactly what I had wanted...that is until about a month later when Scott's head changed his pillow cover to yellow and the sheets weren't quite white anymore...No one told me that boys were icky and sweaty and it was just disappointing...After that I just went to Costco and got my sheets there. They tend to be soft and not too expensive and very easy to throw away and replace.
As for the biting...I'm shocked to read that the twins aren't just perfect little angles...they certainly don't apprear to be anything but perfect. I have always imagined that having two babies would just be so fun for the kids...maybe not so much. Unfortunately Sawyer wasn't a biter, so I have NO ADVICE...(and that is so odd coming from the woman who LOVES to give advice.) Good luck!!!!

Alida said...

Inexpensive sheet sets with high thread count- T.J. Maxx, Ross and yes, Costco!

Biting- No clue, sorry!

kari & claire said...

800 thread count sheets from Target are a great value- sometimes they're even on sale, and my super-masculine husband agrees that they are divine.