Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I just got home from a much needed girls night with Angela and Shauna. Roadhouse for dinner, Martian Child for movie, and dessert at Konditori: pretty perfect. It's after ten, Matt is already asleep and I want nothing more than to snuggle into my side of the bed, BUT I made a commitment. To Blog. Everyday. And even though the rules weren't specific of what would happen to me if I missed a day, I certainly don't want to risk my worse nightmare (having to spend a day with Donald Trump).
So good night fellow bloggers, consider my commitment met.

PS Martian Child was good. A tad slow at times but great acting. John Cusack was tender and talented. Angela keep whispering to me that she thought he was cute. Anyway we all loved the pro-adoption message.


Mrs. Ranch said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I'll have to check out the movie, thanks for the review.

I believe you get arrested if you don't post for a day, so good thing you did!

Julie said...

I'n glad you had such a fun time! I always love "Girls Night Out"... they seem to come just when I need them the most (but I can always go for more)!!

I think John Cusak is a cutie, too Angela! I loved him in Serendipity! Jonathon and Sarah FOREVER!!

What kind of cake did you eat, Becca??

Team Johnston said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful evening. Thanks for the movie review!
~Danielle :)

Rachel said...

Girls nights are the best!
I haven't been to Konditori for over a year...please do tell what you ate and how great it was!!

Ona said...

I wish I could get out more to do "girls night out." It seems to get harder and harder to do as we get older it seems.

Sharon said...

I think "commitments" was a good subject for my 14 year wedding anniversary! Thanks! : ) By the way~ we didn't see a movie on our anniversary, we were just on an Afican Safari.