Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Becca's Barber Shop

Two mamma's sick of baby hair: Me and Angela

One hairdresser with no experience: Me

One encouraging assistant: Angela

Two costumers who have no way to refuse services: Trey and Phoebe

One pare of dull scissors: $2 Goody brand

Two friends laughing hysterically

One bloody injury: Angela, sorry she's being so offensive !

One girl mullet gone: Before

One "rats nest" hacked off: Before

Anybody else need a trim?


February Jill said...

You guys look like you had some fun! How very brave of you to cut your babies' hair. It looks really good!
Is Angela coming to the bloggers' coffee night?
P.S. I never get to be your first commenter! Yay me!

Kristie said...

Ha! The both look good to me!:) Although I gave Justin (my oldest) his first hair cut and soon after my babysitter (hair stylist in her first life) suggested I let her cut it in the my opinion my not be valid here!:)

AngieG said...

Great cuts! Not the one on Angela's finger but the kids' haircuts look fantastic. You are really brave. My Sweet Pie's curls are coming BACK!!!! I wasn't sure if I cut off the only curls of his life but no - there are some more coming in. Love the pictures (even though Angela flipped us all the bird.)

Jenny vick said...

i love it!!! I laughed out loud...Hana never had a mullet...but she had wings....two long strands of hair the hung behind her ears like reigns...if only they were long enough to lead her around with :)

YOu've got skills! You know...I have been thinking of chopping my hair of...I think tha che becca is more economical than jene guarez :)

Jenny vick said...

sorry for my of instead of off and my tha instead of that! It just happens sometimes ;)

Angela said...

Very fun post!
I finally made it home. Thanks for the good laugh today I had a blast!
Love ya!

HappyMomma2 said...

Very nicely done! But I wouldn't expect anything less from you! Love you Becca!

Hosmerita said...

Bravo! I wouldn't dare come near Ava with scissors. There would have to be bags and bags of M&M bribes on hand.

Mrs. Ranch said...

Perfect cuts. I bet Phoebe misses her mullet already!

I am not allowed near our children's hair after a very bad incident with Maggie's hair.

Jason does the bob, buzz, bowl, and the bald cut. It looks like you have much more skill than he!

Tiffany said...

For no experience I think you two did an absolutely marvelous job. If your babies could express their delight in words at the loss of the mullet and rats nest, I'm sure they would.

mbrassfield said...

I think you guys did a good job, if you have checked my blog you would know that I cut Jenna's hair myself. I also cut Matt's hair, though we often wait too long in between and it get's a little crazy.

priscilla tilgner said...

so cute! good job!

Her Giant said...

Claire has been rocking a mullet for a long time now. I have visions of piggytails, but the girl is not into it. I may have to bring her by your "shop."

Julie said...

Way to go! You did a really good job! What did Jabe do while you were cutting hair??

momaof4 said...

Oh I remember those day's of "easy" hair cutting.
What fun and they are super cute.

Team Johnston said...

They both look good! :) I have been brave enough to trim Allyson & Thomas' hair. But not when they were that little.
~Danielle :)

Meghan said...

wow! You did a great job. I'll have to remember this when my little needs his or her first trim!

Stacey said...

An excellent job. Is it odd that I'm considering a haircut for my 3 month old? His hair has hung over his ears since he was born.