Saturday, November 17, 2007


Your Homework Post
Sometime between now and the BLOG GATHERING, you will need to post the answers to the following questionnaire. Please include the questions and answers when you recreate it in your post. We will test your knowledge of, "Which blogger said...?" at the, this will hopefully encourage you to be reading as many blogs as possible, from now until the then. Study hard and possibly win a prize. You can do this even if you can't make it to the party! There is still time to inquire about the party so if you are interested in coming. E-mail me.

What is your Motto?
Glorify God AND Dyslexics have more nuf.

What superhuman power would you most want to have?
Do things at lightning speed.

What makes you laugh?
I of course love my husband and family. But sometimes when the kids are in bed and Matt is out the boys or working late, I watch reruns of classic TV. Cosby's, Mary Tyler Moore, King of Queens, Friends. I laugh out loud.

Cats or dogs?
Until I find a cat or dog that does’t shed, does’t smell, can use the toilet AND wipe themselves . . . I’ll have to go with Jill and Ona’s answer of neither.

Would you rather be a little smarter or sexier?
Ok girls now I am going against the grain here. In my house Matt comes home to a ragged looking 30 year old me in flannel pants and yesterdays mascara marks under my eyes and has to have me right then. So sexier is something that might be dangerous in our marriage. I could always use more brains. Maybe then I could figure out why we park in driveways and drive on parkways.

What's the one thing you'll never understand?
Why people like raisins in cookies and carrots in cake.

My life would be simpler if?
I had a personal assistant. You know someone I could assign all the unpleasant tasks that I put off. She would have to work for free and she would need to stay a secret from my husband so he could just live in awe over what I can accomplish in a day. Interested? Send me your resume.

The big decision I'm currently wrestling with is...
I promised Matt Peanut butter cookies to take to work tomorrow. Should I make them tonight so we have more family time after church? Or continue to enjoy the quiet house, TV on in the background while reading blogs? Why is life so hard?


Alida said...

You are sooo funny! By the way...Um...I did e-mail you...and haven't gotten back to I not know...I'm coming anyways:)

Glory Laine said...

Alida, I am so sorry. I've checked my records and resent you the details email. And I've fired my personal assistant. She's worthless.

Sharon said...

You resent Alida? Wow, that's harsh. Oh~you re-sent the e-mail! Yes, I would definitely fire your PA, you sexy thang!

And go BUY cookies at Safeway!!! You need to wear your "What Would Sharon Do?" bracelet at all times!

Stefanie said...

Don't you just love to hear yourself laugh aloud when no one else is around?

Loved the pics of the kids and May May thoroughly enjoyed the video - although a little concerned for her cousin Jabe.

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh. Homework. And here I thought I was done with that part of my life, at least until I have to help my child with it. These questions are hard! I'm gonna have to think about some good answers before I post!

Rachel said...

I did my homework...but is there really going to be a quiz? You can ask Meghan, it's going to be hard enough for me just to try to figure out everyone's names...I'll be happy winning the award for knowing the least amount of people at your party!!!

Stephanie said...

Yay for being smarter! If only I could be smart enough to figure out how to make money while blogging...

...and I don't know about taking a quiz. I can only give information, not retain it!