Saturday, November 06, 2010

Second Hand Glory

Some of you were surprised to find out that ole' Glory loves to camp. So this one might surprise you too, I love thrifting! You know rummaging around other peoples junk trying to find that one thing you've been missing in your life. And then for .75 cents you walk out with a spring in your step and lice. It's awesome. Here are some of my latest finds:
Jadeite Mugs. If you know me for five minuets then you know how much I adore Jadeite. It's like a lullaby to my soul. It took every ounce of willpower not to squeal like a baby pig when I found these Fire King mugs while thrifting in McCall for $1 each. I drink my coffee in them every morning and they make me sooooo happy.
Milk glass is a close second for me next to Jadeite. I've got a few pieces around my kitchen that I just love.

I found these three matching carafes and two different stores on the same day. I scored them all for less than five dollars. So big sigh of relief, now if you attend a party at my house I've coordinating regular, decaf, and hot water ready for your beverage enjoyment.
This retro thermos made me drop to my knees and thank the good Lord for his bounty. I love. love. love it. I've used it a few times and it works better than any thermos I've had. It keeps water hot over 24 hours and I can't wait to take it to t-ball games for hot cocoa on demand. Oh and did I mention that I paid under $2 for it? Well that's cause I don't like to brag much.
Took another shot of her. She looks good in this light.


February Jill said...

love the retro thermos! i can't believe that you are getting a blog of such lovely quality every day! will you run out of pretty things to show us? i hope not. by the way thanks for watching my kids. i just found out!


Carrie said...

Fantastic! I too love the thrifting, how else am I supposed to find mustard colored arm chairs and avocado green decor? Nice finds.

Stefanie said...
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Stefanie said...

Fun stuff. Before Mikey left we watched a cooking show and everything she used was milk glass - measuring cups, spoons, and a pink milk glass cake pedastal to die for. We thought of you!

joyq said...