Thursday, November 25, 2010

Being Real

This may cost me tens of readers when I admit this but I absolutely love cranberry sauce. It has to be on my Thanksgiving table each year and because I am over-the-top classy; it has to be in the shape of a can. But look, I put it in a glass dish so it felt no shame jiggling next to the beautifully smoked turkey, cornbread casserole, and mashed butter potatoes.
If you've chosen to still take a chance on me despite my love for the high fructose corn syrup atrocity above, you will be rewarded. Read on for life changing information.

On the flip side I love real whipped cream. NOT cool whip, not spray from a can . . . (although that has it's place), real cream that you pour in a mixer, turn on high, take a shower, come back and find thick creamy cream (is that redundant?). Usually I use powdered sugar to sweeten whipped cream but this year I used Maple syrup. Again not the fake stuff but real from Canada eh, from a tree, maple syrup. Yes it's a bit more expensive but you can't beat the flavor and it's much better for you. No sugar high then crash. Anyway back to the whip. So I flavored this years whip with the syrup and oh. my. word. I was in euphoria. I dolloped a bit on the pumpkin bars and sweet baby Jesus I had a hit.


Stacey said...

I've become a recent convert to real maple syrup as well. Thus I forgive you for your jiggling can of nastiness.

otomania said...

a good solution for a new cuisine