Sunday, November 07, 2010

Flannelgraph Holder

You've learned so much about me this last week. I love to gut fish, buy other people's garbage, but did you know that I am also a Sunday School teacher? It's because I just don't get enough time with four-year-olds on a weekly basis. So I took on the privilege of teaching our four year pre-school class on Sunday mornings. I'm known as Teacher Becca around those parts and I teach with my friend, (whose a professional teacher) Teacher Holly. I do love teaching these kids but if I am being really honest . . . I really like having my weekly dates with Holly. While the kids are having free time or working on a project we get to catch up on our lives and snicker at the adorable things the kids say.
A few photos of my Sunday from today.
Teacher Holly
Teacher Becca
Miss Phoebe showing off her Sunday dress with sparkly shoes.

Some of my sweet kids

Holly, we really are the cutest pair of Sunday school teachers EVER.


Adam and Mandy said...

I agree with this--you and Holly ARE the cutest pair of Sunday School teachers ever. And a tremendous blessing to the little lives you touch every Sunday morning!

Crystal said...

I can remember every single SS teacher I ever had....they're so important! And as a former Children's SS director, I salute you for helping!

Stefanie said...

Are Phoebe's shoes on wrong feet?!! :)

I only help once a month - but the kids are so funny!

They say such cute things. We were talking about how God made each animal special and one little girl said that penguins are special because "they are flightless birds". Ha

Holly said...

I look forward to those "dates" every week! I'm going to miss you this week. Have fun:)