Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Day

9am wake up on my own.

9:30am ate cereal, fried potato pancakes (from our mashed potatoes last night), and coffee with friends while watching youtube videos.

10:00am leisurely get ready for the day without once having to put anyone in time-out or ask if anyone finished their milk.

11:00am Toured a castle. I love history, architecture and going into people's homes when they are gone. So this was thrilling for me!

1:00pm Went to the coolest Irish pub for lunch and had the best seat in the house with my back to fire place. I drank the best apple peach cider yummiest thing that I've ever had the privilege of sipping through a straw. Had a scrumptious brie, roasted hazelnut, grilled, chicken with a fig vinaigrette salad. Best part was I didn't have to take anyone to the potty and then check them to see if they wiped well.

2:30pm Shopping in downtown Victoria. Beautiful shops, maple syrup everything, and a hat store that had all of us giggling in front of the mirrors. Best part was I didn't have to have a heart attack tyring to keep little fingers from breaking anything.

5:00pm We had sushi. Just because we could. Best part was I didn't care that there was no "kid friendly" menu items cause my kids are 200 miles away eating grilled cheese sandwiches with grandma!

6:30pm More shopping . . . Got myself a great bag in Chinatown!

7:00pm Went to yet another beautiful pub for drinks. Best part was I wasn't getting anyone ready for bed by doing the five "P's" Potty, Polish teeth, PJ's, Poems, Prayers. Our nightly going-to-bed routine. Minus the whining for water, extra snuggles, "he-keeps-talking", I need a night light, what are we having for breakfast in the morning . . . .

8:00pm More exploring this great city. Best part was no kids along to beggs for junk they didn't need. We still bought them junk they don't need but it's so much better when they are not around.

9:00pm Found a great little Italian restaurant that we wanted to have desert at . . . after our half hour wait of smelling the food, dinner sounded like the better idea. So glad we did. We all wished for electric scooters for us to get home on with how much food we consumed.

11:00pm We just got back to our room and I am watching a great movie with our friends, drinking a cup of tea, eating flourless chocolate cake and loving the heck out of this life. Best part, no bed time cause I've got no four year old that's going to wake me up at 6am demanding breakfast!

Let's be clear: I miss them. I miss my boys and how they smell after they wrestle. I miss my Phoebe and how she follows me around and asks how she can help me. I was ment to be a momma. Their momma. Can't wait to see them soon.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a picture-perfect itinerary to me!

Meghan said...

I'm living vicariously through you right now Becca. Have a glorious time!