Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Not Over

With just a few leaves hanging on the trees, November has come to an end. My blogging felt forced a lot of days but I always love that the 11th month gets me back in the the rhythm of writing.
I seem to have a pattern after my daily posts to kinda disappear a bit, and I want to try to avoid that this year, if possible. So tomorrow is the first day of Christmas Advent. I have a great Advent calendar that has little cupboard for each 25 days leading up to Christmas Day and each year I have crammed little candies in them for the kids. But this year, during my girls shopping weekend, Jill, Stef and I came up with 25 pre-Christmas activities to do with the kids. So instead of candy they will get a slip of paper describing our "event" of the day. Like tomorrow's is, "letters to Santa" and one day might be, "making hot cocoa" or "getting our tree". You get the idea, don't make me do a puppet show for you.


Anonymous said...

okay...yes, i'm a stalker! ;) i read your blog all the time. i'm sorry that this is the first time i've ever said "hi".

just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your 25 activities...for those of us less "inspired" moms out here! :) we need to get into the spirit around here!

you always give me a giggle, becca...i look forward to all your posts!

much love,

Christi said...

Yeah, c'mon, Becca, share the list...don't be a hog.

God Made Playdough said...

Love this idea!

February Jill said...

Ha ha you're a bit sassy at the end of a 30 day blogging spree!

I'll attempt*** to blog our activities as well. I made a cute advent calendar and then ruined it with a million buttons and am now still using it anyway because I can't bring myself to waste the effort. And hot glue.

Day 1: Meet new baby cousin. Not a bad start!