Sunday, November 14, 2010


Last night in Victoria. We are all laughing so hard playing Balderdash. Making up definitions for minimally used words.

Play along and try to pick the real definition out of the ones we made up. (obvious note: if you cheat and look up this word via the internet, dictionary or phone a friend you will be disqualified and bad luck will follow you for the next seven years so that you will always have to stop at the red lights and everyone will forget about your birthday. Believe me it's not worth it.) First winner will win a Canadian Loony. That is worth a HUNDRED of cents.

The word: SACKBUT

Possible definitions:

1. A small pocket sewn on the inside of a soldier's uniforms during WWI.

2. To remove the inner organs from game animals so it may be preserved for slaughter.

3. The reinforced bottom of a potato sack.

4. The sac that holds poison in bees and other stinging insects.

5. Sealant used to seal bottoms of grocery bags.

6. An ancestor of the trombone.

Leave a comment with your best guess. Fingers crossed.


Jen Green said...

I'm guessing 6 and whoever cheats is gonna hate all those red lights!

red-headed Wilson's said...

i guess #3.

Holly said...

Keith was reading over my shoulder and his guess is #6. I will go with him since he tends to be a walking Lexicon!! I love that quality!

Glory Laine said...

# 6 it is! Way to go Jen and Keith! Jen you were first so officially you win! Thanks for playing ladies.