Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanked Out

Just got back from another full Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I have had an abundance of sinful food over that last two days. So much so that if Matt squeezes me really hard, butter comes out of my tear ducts. That might be cool for a few party tricks so I've got that going for me.
My mom begged and cried for me to get one of those "perfect Christmas shots" of all her grandchildren today. I was given a cute bunch of kids but one was really pissed off at me because he needed lunch and a nap not a photo shoot.
Can you tell what was that is?
Then it even got worse.

And then down right ugly.

Don't you love how everyone else just ignores the distressed child? JC Penny Portrait Studio's here we come!


Stefanie said...

Maddy is so pretty! Love her look. And Tobin's shirt is very fashionable - go Tobin! (you...)

Sorry it didn't work out! If you have butter coming out of ducts, I must have sugar cubes popping out...

momaof4 said...

Love how the others really don't change!!

Rachel Clear said...

Haha! Ohhh, the little guy.

February Jill said...

Maddie and TJ are so big and adorable but in a new way since I last saw a picture of them. Do you think he would still cry over The Little Princess?