Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Open House: Kitchen and Laundry

These pictures were all taken the day before we moved in. In these two rooms I made the not-so-popular choice of painting my cabinets milk glass green. Matt gave me total control in these types of decisions and to make it fair on him I let him know that he would get to spend our lottery winnings any way he pleased (we've never played). He was very concerned over my clear insanity when I insisted (cried) that this was the color the cabinets had to be. I even bought a cream and sugar set of jadeite so I could color match the paint to my exact vision. Throw in some white subway tile and Absolute black granite counter tops and I am thrilled how it turned out.

I took in a picture of our old "coffee station" to the carpenter and we created this little nook for my new pad. Likey?
The laundry room has the same lovely green cabinets except I put polished chrome hardware on the doors.

The washer and dryer were built on pedestals which is very convenient. Did you see my farm sink (swoon)? You think I had to cry to get green cabinets? This sink was an all out campaign to get.
Matt: You do realize that this one sink would be more money than all our other sinks combined?
Me: Yes, but it has a built in soap dish, so I am pretty sure it all evens out.
Matt: You do realize that the cabinets will have to be specially built to accommodate the weight of this massive cast iron tank of a sink?
Me: Yes, but every time I look at this sink I will weep with gratitude that I, a little girl who grew up on food stamps, gets to wash all of my delicates in such a fine monument of our indoor American plumbing history.
Matt: If you promise to get more of said "delicates" and promise to wear them often and you swear to never again speak of, "American plumbing history" we can get the sink.
Me: Deal.

This is the other side of the laundry room. A great place to store our shoes, hang our coats and store craft items in the cubbies.

Do you see the little center nook? I call it the "charging station". We can walk in from the garage and plug in our cells, hang up our keys, dump our mail and check our home phone messages in one little area. The most useful two feet in our house.


Stefanie said...

Oh my gosh Becca Laine, you completely crack me up! I don't know what would be more funny and brilliant of you - if that conversation really happened between you and Matt, or if you just are so witty that you embellished it yourself. Either way you are genius -pure genius, I tell ya, in both comical writing and house decor!

Christi said...

You make me laugh SO much. What a fool I am for not inviting myself over to your amazing house to listen to more of your life stories!

Stacey said...

Sad fact....Alex and I frequently talk about your laundry room when we dream of what we can do with ours. It's the one space in the basement that we didn't remodel. "Someday it will look like Becca's!" we say. ;-) You guys did an amazing job.

momaof4 said...

I love it all!! Crying, promises...whatever it takes girl!

Happy McNally Mom said...

I really didn't think it was possible, ok even it was possible no way it could happen to me. I have total and complete cabinet envy. Your cabinet are so AWESOME. One day when the McNally's build their dream home I am so going to copy you.