Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hope In A Box

About this time of year, way back when I was 8 or 9 I remember an unexpected knock at the door. My mother and I rushing to see who came to visit on a Novembers day. It was a stranger holding a cardboard box. He handed my mother the heavy box and said something like, "I know things are hard and I hope this helps". My mom's chin quivered and tears came easy. The box was filled with all the fixings for a Thanksgiving feast. I don't remember if the kindness came from our Church family or a local mission in town and it doesn't matter. Our needs were met. It would be a few years later when I watched my mom take a bag of groceries over to the neighbor's house. Asking my mom why she did that she simply said, "everyone needs a little help sometimes". Today I open up my pantry door and see this.

Blessings in cans, jars and boxes. And I am reminded to be thankful that my basic needs are being met. That my children have never known hunger. And that if I should ever face hunger I've got five pounds of reserve on each thigh that should last me a month or so. Amen.


Stefanie said...

I've been having similar feelings of gratitude this week - we are so blessed.

I have so many great things to share with you tomorrow.

Dawn said...

The year Seth we were on food stamps and received one of our church's food box. Very humbling.. and now to see where we are. Another reminder of how good God is.

Crystal said...

I'm so grateful for everything we have, too! So glad you know where true blessings come from!