Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Off

I got the day off today. From my work. Which is being a mom. I didn't have to parent today. Is this sinking in for anyone?

Last night Matt suggested that I take the day off today. I said yes before he finished his sentence. And then I fell asleep planning my day.

Started off with my first parent/teacher conference. I was really nervous about this. Mainly because I am not one of those parents who thinks their kid walks on water. I'm a realist and as much as I love my son, I know that socially he can be a tad distracting. Ya know with all the knock knock jokes and his long limbs that never stop moving. You can imagine my complete and utter surprise when his teacher told me how bright she thinks Tobin is. She is even recommending him for the TAG (talented and gifted) program. I quickly checked the report card to make sure we were talking about the same kid. We were and I was super proud that his brightness is shining through his gift of gab.

Then Matt picked me up a caramel creme brulee latte' from Starbucks. De-lish!

After that I did something crazy. Wild. I went to a movie by myself. I was invited to see New Moon with some friends at the midnight showing but truthfully I need my beauty rest and listening to the tweens scream would have bugged me. So I went to a matinee - on a weekday, and listened to grown women scream instead. I decided that was much more annoying. My thoughts: New Moon was my least favorite book. I am hoping that it's also my lest favorite movie. The movie doesn't stand on it's own. You have to have read the book to understand it. It was nice to see Edward again but overall . . . meh.

Then I hit some craft stores. The countdown is on for a kids Christmas party. I am in charge of crafts for 160 kids. Four crafts each with a small budget. I've tried to get these errands done with kids but find that when I am trying to figure out yards into inches, divided by kids, divided by price, 30% off coupon . . . . I need absolute silence. And my three kids can do that for only ten seconds at a time and that's with duct tape. Knocked a lot off my lists today!

Topped my day off with some great chatting. Dinner with Michelle and dessert with Abby, Sharon, and Julie.

I came home so refreshed to find fresh baked Christmas cookies on the counter. Looks like Matt and the kids had fun too.


Stefanie said...

That is one AWESOME day!! Sounded divine - every part of it. Love it.

That's exactly what I heard from my friends who saw the movie. Hopefully you had some candy...which makes it all worth it.

momaof4 said...

Wya to go Becca. We all need some girl time, and quiet shopping time and movie time. I love how you spent your day!!!