Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Open House: Closed for Cleaning

Sorry guys no open house tonight. Maybe I'll try to squeeze one in this week.

Christmas cards. Tis the season to be thinking about this chore. Getting that "perfect" shot of three children (who obviously have better things to do) really does take a Christmas miracle. Lately it seem like utter torture for them to sit down for five seconds and LOOK at the camera and dear lord please could you just smile or give some expression that doesn't look like you're trying to send a message with your eyes that you need someone to send help because you're being beaten. I miss the good ole days when I just had one little guy and my problem was WHAT adorable, cute picture I should send out.

All I had to do back then was put him in charming Gymboree out fits and click away.
Or place him by the fire with a vintage toy. . . ahh
Or shove him in a box and plop a bow on his head. Pure peace on Earth.


Crystal said...

Aw, I love the one with him and the airplane!

Herb said...

glad i read your blog this morning becca. it made me chuckle as i'm in for some torture this week with no school! happy thanksgiving.

Stacey said...

So I have this great idea that somebody I know should dress their family in Snuggies for their Christmas card. I'm willing to bet that people would be so distracted by their clothing that they wouldn't notice the expression on your kids' face...or they'd be totally understanding of them given the circumstances.

Rachel Clear said...

Great pic at the end!

KLB said...

We just got Abby's two year pictures done. It is so much harded when they are mobile! I wanted to duct tape her down.

The last picture is the best. Get all three kids doing that!

momaof4 said...

hate to tell ya it doesn't get better! My sisters kids are 15,13,10 and 9 and she said she had to do a dance to get them to smirk. SMIRK. Oh, so not going to do that!