Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Heart Costco

Matt is out protecting the city and I have spent the evening catching up on TiVo and folding laundry. It's 11:45 and I've really pushed procrastination to a new all time low. As I was thinking about my day and what I should write about, I thought about our family trip to Costco. I must say we are nuts for doing warehouse shopping on a Saturday afternoon with all the spawns, but it really turned out to be delightful. All do to the fact that we hit the sample time just perfect. They ate enough that we got to skip lunch, and my picky Tobin gets brave and tries new things, (bonus, bonus)!
So I thought I'd tell you bloggers about some of my favorite Costco finds.

1. Uncooked tortillas. You find these in the refrigerated section and they are fabulous. Sure one more step to cook them but you can't beat the soft fresh taste. (They also freeze great)

2. 100% Juice Capri Suns. I keep a box of these in the van for thirsty kids after park play.

3. Organic Kirkland Peanut Butter. We go though a lot of peanut butter at our house and I love that this stuff has no sugar or preservatives. Never gets too hard in the fridge like other brands can. And as a little tip, because you have to stir the oils in natural peanut butter, I like to store my new jars upside down in the pantry so that the oil is at the bottom. Less mess when mixing.

4. Krikland Hamburger meat. I really don't know or care if I am getting a good price on this brand of beef. All I know is it come pre-packaged into one pound tubes so I don't have to ever spend an hour dividing and repackaging raw meat again.

5. Carter jammies. My kids only get dressed if we are leaving the house. It's true and I don't care who knows it. Jammies are warm and great to play in so we have lots at our house. Costco has the best price hands down.

6. Books. As mentioned by our last MOPS speaker and fellow blogger Stephanie, Costco has great buyer for books and unbeatable prices.

7. Baby Wipes. ( I first wrote whips. hehe) Pop-up, alcohol free, hypo allergenic, cheap. I have a stash of these in every room and I don't think my obsession will stop even though the twins don't need them on their bottoms any more.

8. Frozen corn and peas. Can't beat the convenience of having these two resealable bags right in your freezer to make no excuses to have vegetables at every meal.

What are some of your favorite Costco finds?


Crystal said...

I have loved Costco ever since I was a small tot! I adore their bagels, cakes, produce section, books, seasonal items, foreign cheese, baby section, and food court...the list could go on and on! Not to mention their monthly magazine is great!

Meghan said...

I spend wayyyyy too much money at costco! But i do love it! Some of my recent faves are the Santa Sweets bruschetta and the fresh mozzarella good on toasted baguette slices! There isn't a lot I Don't like at Costco!!

Stacey said...

Oh but I'm in mourning over the Costco wipes. Now they're made out on Tencel instead of cotton and they have this oddly medicinal smell.

My favorite? The berry lowfat frozen yogurt sundaes. Yum!

Their Giant said...

I like tons of things at Costco, but I want to comment on the fact that your kids wear jammies all day. I'm jealous- mine refuse to wear pants in the house. Jammies would be a vast improvement around here.

Stefanie said...

I go very very rarely, sadly. It's 45 minutes to nearest one.

We buy diapers, wipes, fruit leathers, gum, clorox wipes, and Z Bars for kids there - and pictures too!

Dawn said...

Costco was always the source of Altoids, discount movie tickets, Quaker granola bars/Nutragrain cereal bars for lunches, Halloween candy assorted mixes, the last minute Sunday night "Mom, it's my turn for snacks at school tomorrow", quickie unhealthy dinners (hotdogs or pizza slices), Saturday lunches (samples!) and occasionally winter coats for the boys.

But in the far reaches of Illinois we don't have Costco. Only Sam's Club here, which is Walmart-In-Bulk. It's pretty close to the same as Costco but still... different.

momaof4 said...

hmm, I will have to try the tortillas. and we need to try the meat to, we usually pack it our selves.

We will not buy meat - anything anywhere else. They have the best quality for sure.