Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full List

Dear Santa,
This year I want a personal assistant.
Becca Laine

I've got a lot going on this week. Prepping for a kids Christmas party this weekend (167 kids) I'm in charge of crafts. Four each. It's a fun event and I am looking forward to it but still have some details to snip out.

MOPS on Tuesday morning and board meeting in the evening.
Doctors appointment on Wednesday for Tobin.
Speaking at teen MOPS on Thursday night.

But what is truly getting me though is knowing that after Saturday afternoon I am heading to Portland with my girls to shop and eat. And I am going to eat this:

This is the Cheesecake Factory's Miso Salmon. My taste buds are screaming at me right now. Soon, little buds, soon.


Stefanie said...

I wish we both weren't so busy this week, so we could help each other!!!

I have my 150 question online test to take and mom's group to lead on Friday.

You may have the harder week though, so at least call and scream if you need to.

The next time we meet will be in LaLa land of Janie and Jack and Miso Salmon and room service.

HOLD ON I tell you woman!

momaof4 said...

Keep your eyes on the weekend!!! What fun.

Being busy will make your week go fast!!

KLB said...

YUMMY! You can do it! Just keep your eyes on the prize.

Take a bite for me too!

Stacey said... that a picture you lifted off their site or is it one you took on your own? I can't say that I would be surprised either way, Grandma...I mean, Becca. Somebody write somebody a check for that food! I hope that you enjoy a great meal.

Glory Laine said...

Stacey, I did take a picture of my food. My goal is to turn into grandma by the time I'm fifty. I'm making good progress.