Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe Baby: Slow Poke

I've re-named If-y, "Slow Poke". I got a call early this morning that Slow Poke was still growing but at the rate of molasses on a winter's day. Slow Poke still isn't the size of his other frozen siblings ("Maybe" and "Why-not") and in this case size does matter. So we decided to give Slow Poke a little more time to see if he would catch up. I for one always root for the underdog. So I have a new transfer time for tomorrow at 11:30am. The best part about Slow Poke is because we had to wait a day, Matt now gets to be with me when I get pregnant (what a concept, he's especially pleased....).

So please all cheer on Slow Poke! I don't know why but I think I may have passed on the "slow" gene to him so it's not his fault.

Sorry for the late up date. I just got back from six hours in the car driving to pick Matt up from Camp Rilea and I am so glad he is home!


Stephanie said...

Yay for having Matt home! Now you won't have stories of "I got pregnant when Matt wasn't home." Although that would have been a great opening line for a story...

Stefanie said...

I couldn't help myself Becca. I failed on my homework assignment and I just am not a F sort of student. I had to go in and add my part to your post.

I hope you won't mind my embellishment. I just think it may make you smile.

And for the record, my post was going to go something like. First Grandma Pam and Grandma Sharon got the boot with the cancellation on Tuesday, then Auntie Stefanie got the same boot on Thursday with a similar cancelling. We all felt disappointment at not getting our chance at holding your hand. But alas, God had a different plan. And now the husband and father, Matt, will get to hold your hand - really the only way it should have been in the first place.

Big hopes!

Crystal said...

You rock, slow poke! Grow, grow, grow!

Dawn said...

You & Celine Dion could be preggers together! It's in the news today that she is pregnant again and her embryo was frozen for 8 years :)

Come on Slow-Poke, Maybe & Why-Not.. we're all praying for you.

Rachel Clear said...

Come on, slow poke! How exciting is it to know that your babe is just sittin' there waiting for you? :)