Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Five Down

Today we celebrated the last day of Tobin being five. Something magic happens around midnight and he will be six. He is excited to start using two hands to show by fingers how old he is.

Last year when Tobin and I were planning his fifth birthday party, Tobin told me he wanted a surprise party. Then he told me what a surprise party was and that he wasn't going to talk about his birthday anymore because he wanted me to SURPRISE him. I agreed.

It was a challenge but I managed to pull off this doozey of a surprise and he was shocked. Overwhelmed might be the better word. This is him as everyone yelled "surprise!"
Then it quickly turned to this..... a bit of shock.
He warmed right up and we had a great night.
A few weeks after his birthday, Tobin confessed that he never wanted a surprise party again. The five year old surprise party had one big fall back that I didn't see coming, for small kids it's not really about the party; it's about dreaming of the party. The anticipation that it's only months,weeks then days away. It's about wondering what kind of gifts you'll get, who to invite, the attention that will be lavished on you for a whole day.

The surprise party came and went in a few hours and that just wasn't long enough for a five year old.

Now he is phobic when ever we go somewhere and he see's balloons or he doesn't know who's house were at, He says, "Mom, don't tell me. It's my birthday and THIS is my party." I've damaged the boy obviously.

Here's some pictures of Tobin being five.

He's still my pickiest eater. Lives on peanut butter and apple sauce.

Exploring one of the creeks in the backyard.

Meeting neighbor kids and sledding.
First team sport.
Dream trip to Disney with just him and us.
Sea World!
Saying goodbye to pre-school and good buddies.

Here's to six!


Lindsay said...

Looks like {5} treated him well :) But I bet 6 is even better!!

Enjoy your next trip around the sun Tobin - it's sure to be bright and full of FUN!!

Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Tobester!

Glory Laine said...

Brings tears to my eyes. I remember guessing his weight exactly, and I was the first grandparent to hold him! He’s grown into such a handsome boy, and he’s the light of my life.

emailed to me from Grandma Pam.

February Jill said...

Hey! Is that my bridesmaid bouqet I spotted in one of those pics? I wondered what I did with that!

Happy birthday Tobin. You are a good man.


momaof4 said...

Happy birthday Tobin. The boys are excited that they might see you at school next year, and Renae thinks you have tons of friends. Such a lucky kid!!!

Have a good one!

Dawn said...

The picture of the scowl while holding the squirt gun is priceless... he is definitely Daddy's boy!! Being six is fabulous - as is kindergarten. Enjoy it all!!

Alida said...

Happy birthday Tobin! So much to look forward to.