Monday, January 11, 2010

Had Me In Stitches

We didn't get the kids home from Grandma's and to bed until after nine last night. WAY past bedtime but worth it when Matt and I can have a little date night. I was trying to keep up with my new Flylady schedule and get my sink shiny and the morning breakfast laid out when I heard the heart dropping thud and scream come from the twin's room. Ran in to see blood pouring from Jabe's mouth as he sobbed that he got hurt. Phoebe stared in a stunned shock-like state and I scoped up the bloody child to the kitchen to have a better look. Teeth were fine (YES!!!), but blood was still coming from somewhere. A wet wash cloth revealed a hole in bottom lip that punched clear through to the inside of his mouth. "He'll need stitches", I say in my best Dr. Mom voice. Tobin was very interested in the whole mess and started to freak out Jabe when he started to explain what stitches were and described in detail how big the needle was going to be. I cut him off and gave him a job to gather up some toys for Jabe to take to the ER to play with while we wait. Matt got ice packed up and off we went. Jabe chatted with me the entire ride in the car, he chatted with the night guard who questioned why we needed to come into the ER, ( I refrained from calling him a total moron for not seeing the little boy with blood pouring out of his mouth and being able to but two and two together without a cheat-sheet.) Jabe was charming to the intake nurse and loved his new hospital bracelet, and him and nurse Jim are total bff's now. Tobin did a great job packing toys for Jabe. Mater the truck, a book, Jabe's blanket, a small magna doodle and Jabe and nurse Jim's favorite, Mr. Potato Head as Darth Tater. Perfect little toys to play with while we waited for the novocaine to kick in, and waited for the doctor to give Jabe two little stitches. Nurse Jim held his head still, I was in charge of his arms and Jabe had to keep his lips together. Jabe ignored their silly suggestion to close his eyes and watched the whole time, completely content like he was getting a massage not having a fishhook weaved in and out of his face. No tears and we were out in two hours.
He's on a "smooth" diet for the next 24 hours so that food doesn't get into the wound but other that that we are done.
And as to what we think happened . . . I'm no Sherlock but I think he was climbing on his dresser when he fell off it. Sometimes I wish I had a security camera running in their room so I could see the shenanigans they pull. Praying for a boring day today.


jeff said...

Heidi did that too... about the same age. I think she fell off a table of some sort.

Come to think of it... at least one, and probably more, of her kids have too.

Anne said...

I am so impressed with how you held it all together!
What a brave little guy! I think I would be the one in tears watching it all happen! ;)
Hope he heals up quick!

Dawn said...

My brother bit through his tongue at 3. I was the cause. No stitches because it was the tongue. Healed in 3 days says my mom. It was spring and since there were lots of slugs outside, we carried salt shakers around.. and David licked salt off his hand.

But my brother had already had stitches the year before. Dog bite to the cheek. David asked the doctor where the dead people were. He was brave and watched the procedure too. I don't think my mom stayed for that one.

The Theisen Twosome said...

I had the same thing happen to me as a child except I was jumping on the bed and hit the headboard.

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry Jabe Jabe! That is no fun:) I too fell around that age climbing up my closet and had to have stitches in my chin.

You have a great mommy, who has calm and confidence in this sort of moments:)

Stacey said...

Way to be a big boy, Jabe! I can't believe you thought ahead to bringing toys for the wait. Do you hang out in the ED often? ;-) I do have a camera in each of the kids room by the way and I love it. Although it doesn't record so wouldn't have done me much good in your situation. Hope he heals quickly!

Crystal said...

When Dustin was 5 or 6, he fell on Dad's chainsaw and had to have stitches in his finger. The ER doctors said he took it better than most loggers they'd seen who cry like babies. Way to join the manly Riddle club, Jabe.

February Jill said...

Poor Jabe!

I am cracking up at the comments because Stacey wrote ED instead of ER. I am immature and think that's funny!