Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Paparazzi

Truly an amazing Christmas! The kids are at glorious ages for bringing shear joy to all with their Christmas excitement that oozes out from every cell. Every twinkle light gets noticed, every song gets sung, ever christmas cookie is devoured with a smile. We had a great season and I have spent the morning pouring though pictures and have narrowed it down to a mere thirty or so to keep on my blog.
I've been waiting to order personalized stockings for my family until I knew my family was complete. So this was the year I got to get them and I adore how they turned out.

A few pictures celebrating at my brother's cute house is SE Portland. His house used to be my great grandparents so it has a sentimental feel to it every time I walk in the doors. My sister-in-law, Dorinda is seriously talented when it comes to decorating and I had fun taking a few pictures of my favorite little spots in their home.
My mom and some of her grandkids.

Prof I was at Christmas since I am the one who takes the pictures.

This is my little family on Christmas morning.

My apologies to our neighbors.

And this is Christmas Eve at my in-laws. Grandma Pam made these for each of the girls.

Tobin got a bigger bike.

Jabe said a prayer before the gifts were open.

My sweet nieces, Daphne and Maisie.

Proud of my wrapping this year!

My in-laws used a tree off their property this year.

And lastly, don't you just love how Grandma Pam displayed the kid's Christmas Eve pajamas?
Now that it's over . . . I'm ready for spring.


Stephanie said...

What sweet pictures! And where oh where did you get those personalized stockings? I LOVE them!

Glory Laine said...

A company called Personal Creations. I'm sending you a link.

Stefanie said...

we had the SAME idea today - how long did it take you???? so worth it!

loved all our family time with ya'll....loved the kids' ages/interactions this year too!

is that Dorinda's sweet house?

Crystal said...

Love the pic of you in the mirror! Everything looked straight out of a catalog as usual.

shaneandmalia said...

Becca I wish I had your email, i wanted to say sorry for not being more friendly on Sunday, it flusters me when my kids don't want to go to Sunday school, none of them even tried:) Anyway just wanted you to know Im sorry and wish i would have been able to chat, and by the way your house is beautiful!!!

momaof4 said...

Such cuteness. Glad you had a wondeful Christmas Riddles!!

February Jill said...

I absolutely adore the picture of Matt and Tobin hugging. Love.

And... you, I mean Santa, bought your 6 year old son a DRUMSET?????

May I say that I admire you. And may I also say that if my son exhibits musical talent, even a special gift of percussion and rhythm that I not ever purchase him a drum set. Further, if anyone I knew wished to encourage his gift and bought him a drum set they would get a stern talking to and be promptly booted off my Christmas card list. And further than that, I am not even going to let Josh ever see Tobin's set or even know that such a wicked device EXISTS or I will be doomed DOOMED to a life of half hearing and shouting. Doomed I tell you!

But good for you. Really.