Wednesday, June 27, 2007

How to have a PAR-TAY!

Number One: Have a reason to celebrate. Phoebe and Jabe born June 27th 2006. Our world is a better place because of them.

Number Two: Find a theme to set the tone of the party. I decided on rubber ducky.
Hint: I totally cheated on these invite by buying a pack of thank you cards from Target. I found these ducky stickers and covered up the "thank you" greeting and drew a little glittery pink bow on one ducks head. Very easy and very cheep.

Number Three: Have your mom come over early to help you clean and set up. Jump in the shower 15 minuets before guests arrive! Yikes! (Couldn't have done it with out you mom!)

Number Four: Think simple. I went for a hot dog bar with disposable everything. Cupcakes with no ice cream. No mess; no fuss.

Number Five: Have your Talented Mother-in-law make thirty of the most adorable cupcakes you have ever seen. (delish too!)

Number Six: Fill your little house with lots of people you love.

Number Seven: Bubbles

Number Eight: Watch two babies eat sweets for the first time. (notice how much cake Jabe ate!)

Number Nine and Ten: Sprinkle a few gifts on top and put bubbles in the fountain.

What a year. What a reason to celebrate.


Angela said...

So fun and so sad I was not able to be there!
And yes those are the cutest cupcakes EVER Pam!!!!

Kelli said...

You mother in law needs to make cakes for a living. that's beautiful!! Happy Birthday!! Looks like it was a blast.

Julie said...

Becca, the party was so much fun! I can't even believe how cute those cupcakes were ... Pam is so talented!
Lily wanted to play bubbles the next morning. She really had a good time. Your fountain picture is funny~ did the kids do that???

Shannon said...

So all the details!!

Alida said...

I love the cakes, adorable. What fun for the little one. Happy birthday little ones!

Michelle said...

What fun! Great ideas.... I still LOVE that picture of the kids in the sink.

Sharon said...

You always throw an amazing par-tay! I remember how impressed I was at the harvest parties you'd throw at church before you had kids. Now I see that was no fluke. You're a party throwing machine!

The girls have the rubber duckies from their cupcakes in their bathroom! They love them! : )

momaof4 said...


priscilla tilgner said...

wow those cakes and cupcakes look extrodinary! I can't imagine how long it took to make them. Its looks as though you threw a great party for the munchkins and I'm such it was a very memerable one they are so cute.

Anna Marie said...

Becca, How great to hear from you! What a beautiful family you have. Here is my e-mail address in case you would like to contact me that way.

Team Johnston said...

Such a cute birthday! Adorable cupcakes! Looks like Phoebe & Jabe had an awesome time!
-Danielle :)

Rachel & Family said...

Happy Birthday to those two beautiful babies. What a wonderful party. They are so lucky to have such a great family

Joshua & Valerie said...

Great advise!!! Makayla's first birthday party will be in less than a month. I love the hot dog bar idea!

Excellent pics! I can't believe how much cake Jabe ate. Wow!!

It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Good job!