Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Thinkin

Matt, Happy 30th birthday! So glad God thought you up. Hope you feel loved and cherished today because you are.
Thirty things I love about Matt.
1. His ambition to go above and beyond with every task. (You ask for a bowl of ice cream and he brings you a Sundae with a cherry)
2. His love of God and his efforts to be like Him.
3. His devotion to his country and all war movies.
4. His inability to cry. ( I do enough for both of us)
5. The way he melts around Phoebe.
6. The way he admires Jabes looks and always says he got them from me. (even though he looks just like Matt's dad.)
7. The way he never tires of Tobin following his every move.
8. The way he can recite EVERY line from Star Wars.
9. His desire to keep his family safe at all cost.
10. The way other people want to be with him.
11. The way he feels a compulsion to answer the phone no matter WHAT we are doing.
12. The way he cares about his health by jogging during almost every lunch break
13. The struggle he has every time he is faced with drinking a coke. (tonight honey you can have one after the other without guilt.)
14. He sleeps only in his underwear even during naps.
15. Speaking of naps; he can sleep though anything.
16. He is a self-taught genius with all things electronic.
17. He makes up his own lyrics to songs and sings them boldly.
18. He can't do math in his head and doesn't apologist for having to use his cacluator on his phone to figure out a 20% tip.
19. You give him an address of where we are going and he know exactly how to get there.
20. Everytime I make him cookies he says they are the best he's ever had.
21. He loves green plaid shirts.
22. He LOVES squirrels.
23. He still calls his mom, mommy.
24. He has this weird number thing where he memorizes every phone number. (even wierd things like G.I. Joes)
25. He is always dreaming of ways to create a better life for us but at the same time is happy and greatful for where we are.
26. He doesn't mind changing a poppy diaper.
27. He reads my mind and make me a coffee at just the right time.
28. He cooks really, really good. About 98% of the time he is in charge of dinner.
29. He loves clean sheet day.
30. When he comes home from work I feel like my day is complete.

Love all of you honey.


Alida said...

Aaw! This is beautiful! I love how you did 30 things in honor of his 30th. Sounds like you got a keeper.

I sense the force is strong in him.
(sorry, I couldn't resist)

Angela said...

I hope you are having a great day.
You deserve it!

Hosmerita said...

I think we need to get Matt and Richard together. They have a lot of similarities. It sounds like Richard could learn a bit from him though ex. (cooking, diapers)
I remember you telling me that Matt picks out where the snipers would go in the event that there was a terrorist attack on the church. I told this to Richard and he says to me "Are you kidding I had that planned out the first day we attended!" It sounds like we have our very own CSCC swat team and we didn;t even know it!

Happy Birthday to you Matt!

Leslie said...

Happy birthday Matt! The 30's are great, and way better than the 20's. Enjoy your day.

Becca, what a sweet and creative thing to do for you husband. He's lucky to have you!

Sharon said...

I love #11. And I bet he loves that you included #14! : )

I love that Matt called Ben one night at 3am and said "Ben. This is Matt. The church is on fire, but everything's under control. Go back to sleep."

You just gotta love Matt!

Happy 30th, Buddy!

Meghan said...

Becca, you are just so darn sweet! Matt is so lucky to have such a loving wife as you...

Julie said...

I hope that Matt's B-day was a very special one! He IS a great cook!
The two of you are TOO CUTE!

priscilla tilgner said...

its a good thing when you can come up with 30 different things you love about some one! happy b-day to your husband!

AngieG said...

Matt - I hope you had a great birthday! I love that wife of yours and she obviously loves you! You two are quite the love story!

Rachel & Family said...

He is a great guy and he's lucky to have such a wonderful wife!