Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Compound Themes

Big milestone happened this weekend . . . . Jabes and Phoebs turned five! Phoebe especially has been waiting for this one. So much so that she created an imaginary friend named Joni a few years back who was (and always will be) five. Who is all things girly and feminine and opposite of her rough, stinky brothers. When Tobin was five and she was two she started to notice all the extras Tobin was able to do and we would use his age as the reason. Often saying, "when you're five you can ride with Dad in his truck, when you are five maybe we can go to Disneyland, when you're five maybe you can stay up till 8pm. When you're five maybe you can run with scissors." Stuff like that. So now she's five and she's expecting BIG things.
I was cuddling with my new five year old on the couch yesterday and asked her if she was warm enough. She said she was, "Cozier than hot cocoa" and I about died of cuteness.

When asked what kind of birthday party Phoebe wanted, I was not surprised to hear Tea Party. Not going to lie the girl need to come up with new material.
Jabe was clear that he wanted a dinosaur party and there lies our everyday dilemma. How to compromise. We made a compound theme of the two ideas and our Tea-Rex party was born.

Apparently this wasn't an original idea cause I found this funky logo off the internet. Thanks for the free stuff internets!

I don't mean to brag or make anyone feel bad, but get ready to feel very sorry for yourself . . . My mother-in-law makes the most amazingly, creative and tasty birthday cakes for my kids. Here is the dinosaur creation she came up with.

Jealous yet? If not let me just also say that MY mom came over two hours before the party and cleaned my bathrooms. My bathrooms people! I have two boys that like to play "light saber" while peeing. And not with plastic toys . . . think about it.

Now you might just want to step away and get composed be for you check out Phoebe's cake.

Rolled fondant for the tablecloth and a real mini-tea set on top. To.Die.For!

Tea-Rex obstacle course!
Step one: Gather up all the kids to give them instructions. Pretend they are all listening and pretend you are an easy going mom that doesn't mind they are completely ignoring you and your dumb instructions.
Step Two: Divide them up boys against girls. Listen to the boys high-five themselves, burp, cheer with a few tiger pumps.
Step three: Dino Bone excavation: Find two (dog) bones before moving to next station.
Step Four: Use your tea cup to scoop up dino goo and without spilling pour into jar . . .

Step Five: Eat one dino egg as fast as you can! ( these are super easy: White straws, marshmallows dipped in water and then sprinkles)
And a party in NO fun without friends!

And lastly, a picture of their first day. Before they fought over who has the most apple sauce and Jabe didn't care that his exhausted mother dressed him in pink flower pajamas in the middle of the night.


Stacey said...

I'm torn between being really excited about the super adorable birthday that you pulled off vs. being really annoyed at you for upping the ante. I've decided that if you will kindly plan all of my children's parties until their 12th birthdays that I can find it in my heart to forgive you. You're welcome. (Love you!)

Stefanie said...

It looked all so fabulous! We are so lucky to have Pam - she saves us bookoo bucks and ensures a party that looks like we spent a fortune!

So sad that somehow I missed last years and this years too. How did that happen? Looks like you had a lot of kids though. Maisie was so sad that day - Phoebe's her favorite person:(

Back to my charges - it's been tiring around here!

KLB said...

Nice work my friend! I can't wait to plan a birthday that does not involve indoors...poor Abby. You have beautiful kids.

Crystal said...

It was a great theme, great party, great time!

littlecbsmom said...

What a way to pull that off...pretty amazing! And those cakes...I'm speechless. I was feeling very sorry for my kids as I looked at those pictures;)

Glad you are back...LOVE your stories!

Meg said...

You always have such adorable parties for your kiddos Becca! Can't believe they are already 5! You look gorgeous in the picture with the twins the day they were born. ;)

Christi said...

Oh, Becca, when your blog pops up on my Google Read I get all giddy with excitement. You inspire me and make me laugh. That is the coolest Tea Rex party I have ever seen. And yes, I realize the sacrifice your mom made in cleaning the bathrooms.

Tara said...

I can't believe I have never been on your blog before! as always you did a fabulous job with the party, everything was perfect!

Candi said...

Your parties always leave me speechless! So clever and creative, and most importantly, the kids had a great time :-) We are blessed to call you family.