Friday, January 02, 2009

Right of Passage

Every household/culture has one. A symbol of coming of age. For some it's a Bar Mitzvah others a Quinceanera  or maybe it's the first swig of beer. From the moment the radiologist said, "it's a boy"  Matt had one thing on his mind. Hunting? Shooting? Baseball? All good hypotheses but all would be wrong.  Matt has been waiting (not so patiently) for Tobin to be ready to watch Star Wars. Star Wars has played a major theme in Matt's life. Falling in love with them as a boy and memorizing every word, line, hatch number has made him the freak-show of every party. After being pronounced husband and wife we even walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme song. To reveal the sex of our first child we had our friends and family solve a puzzle that read, "I am a Jedi, like my father before me." And this year under the Christmas tree lights, Tobin woke up to his own set of original Star Wars trilogy DVDs with a note from Santa that he had proved to be a brave boy and would be able to watch these legends that his Dad had been preparing him for.  So nap time at our house has been reserved for Tobin and Dad time on the couch, with amazing snacks and eye popping thrills. I don't know who is happier? Tobin, Matt or me cause I've had Hans Solo in my living room for three days?


Jen said...

I am DYING right now!!! Just yesterday, the boys were talking to Jeremy and said... "Dad, don't you know the BIGGEST Star Wars Fan Ever in History????"

Jeremy said, "Yes boys, my childhood friend Matt Riddle loves Star Wars!!"

We proceeded to explain to the brother's Green the history...Jeremy knowing Matt as a kid, and how he loved the movies, us all being at Lantrashter Theater the night of the release of the originals, Jeremy getting you guys tickets while working at the theatre for epi 1, you guys walking out to the song at your wedding, and the basic bliss that Matt has regarding it. Of course we threw in that Becca and Mom worked together while Parker was in her tummy... but whatever, they only cared about Matt. He is a type of celebrity here, the "BIGGEST STAR WARS FAN EVER!!"

It all came up because Colby got Star Wars Monopoly for Christmas.... GOOD TIMES!!!

Tell Matt we say hi.. Hope you guys are doing well!! Jen Green

Tiffany said...

Wow, I'm in utter amazement that you let Matt work Star Wars into your wedding! Now that is true love right there!

Jerry said...

I am so happy for Matt! Now, the real question is how has Tobin taken to the movies? Is he enjoying them?

That move at the wedding, prompted me to ask my wife to let me play my own song at our wedding (an amazing Seattle Mariner play being called follwed by music)... All i wanted was that one thing... and it started with you 2 leaving to star wars!

hope all is well. :)

Happy New Year, Riddles!

Jerry Gardner

KLB said...

How cute! I am so happy for Matt. Now Tobin can carry on the force with to others.
Love you!

February Jill said...

Yay Becca, you are back to blogging! Love that Tobin is being initiated into manhood and that he and Matt will be able to enjoy this together for years to come!

See you soon, Jill

mbrassfield said...

Don't forget we have our very own Star Wars fanatic in the Brassfield house also. Your Matt has drooled at the things that lie in my Matt's theater room. Jenna likes watching the new star wars clone wars cartoons on cartoon network and he is so proud that she can name some of the characters. They watched episode one yesterday also.

Stefanie said...

Necessary post - I get it. Big boy stuff happening around your house in a major way.

But, I still can't wait for the "tour" post. I keep telling friends and family that they will get to see the house soon thru your blog.

Can't wait!

PS - Ruby looking so cute in her new b-day clothes - thanks so much - love em.

priscilla tilgner said...

boys! aidan loves star wars too. sadly i have never wathed a str wars movie in my life. i did however watch the first part of "the clone wars"...a animated version of star wars i took a nap for the second part.
i trust that since its a cartoon its suitable for both aidan and paris to watch...ha ha.

Shannon said...

I love this post! Im pretty sure our children have been watching the movies with their daddy well before it was appropriate. My husband lovingly bestowed a box of original starwars toys to my son from the attic about a year ago. Ty has almost earned the chance to get a second box down from the attic (there are several).

And I am too very amazed that star wars was part of your wedding, although the cougar fight song was part of ours somehow.

Alida said...

Have I ever told you that Luke's first word was R2? He certainly doesn't get it from me!