Monday, January 05, 2009


I just realized that my title could refer to Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome but really I've just self-diagnosed myself with Post Christmas is Over Syndrome. It's a brand new syndrome yet to be in the DSM V.  Truth is I am sad the holiday is over. We hosted all the parties this season and I loved that my new house was bustling with all the people I love. The flow worked great, just as I had imagined it as I was scouring over house plans.  It's just so sad when it's over. The guilt free cookies, fudge, and whipped cream on everything. The threats to children to shape up or Santa won't come. The sparkly decorations and smell of a pine tree in my living room. And the snow! We had a white Christmas. First I can ever remember. It really put an authentic spin to the whole thing. And oh how I love a good  Christmas party. Matt and I even went to the city's police party where is was awarded police officer of the year! (He made me promise not to tell anyone cause he's humble and shy like that. So I am just going to WRITE it here for a few people to read. See I didn't say a word.) 

Here is Christmas 2008 review in pictures: 
The tree I just took down.

The stocking that are now in the attic. Oh and see that big clock I got for Christmas. It's so perfect. How does Santa know these things?

But my all time favorite gift was this!

 Angela and I exchanged ornaments this year and I may have mentioned that I really wanted a house to represent our new one this year. So Darrin made me this replica! Amazingly thoughtful. 

All Mike and Pam's grandkid in matching PJ's.

Don't you hate it when you get the perfect Christmas card photo AFTER you send them all out?
My grandparent loving watching Phoebe force feeding her baby doll.

Sweet brothers.

Cousin Mariko looking really happy for Phoebe's present.

Not only does he know the odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field, he does a mean Fire Marshal Bill face. (5000 bounce points to anyone else who know these odds.)

Daddy and Phoebe. Seems like she doesn't like the itchy whiskers. Join the club.

It was so wonderful seeing the twins really get into the spirt of Christmas. 

See Jabe's cute long locks? I just cut them off before his nap. Looking at this picture, I totally regret it. 

And now let the long, cold, wet winter resume. May spring be here fast. 


Crystal said...

I love all the pictures! Josh and Jack had matching jammies this year too, and we already bought post-Christmas clearance sale pj's for next year! Tell Matt (or maybe write him, does that break his conditions?) that I am super proud of him and I always thought he was the coolest cop anyways. :-) I miss Christmas too. I don't mind all the craziness to me it's magical!

KLB said...

What a great honor for Matt! His picture really makes me feel good that men like him are keeping me from harms way.....he he he JK JK

Beautiful pictures, house, tree and of course kids. I can't wait to get the grand tour!

momaof4 said...

Spring come!!! I have a window open today, just need some fresh air from all those closed up snow day's. That I miss!! It's so pretty all white.

Way to go MATT!!! You should have said something today ;)

Megan said...

We've had too much snow to get to the shed...until today, so I live in a house still decorated. How do you explain to a 2-year-old that Christmas is overa and no, Santa is not coming tonight, when all the decorations are still up?! Congratulations Matt, what a wonderful award!

Angela said...

Everything looks great! Matt we are so VERY PROUD of you and......I like I said I am so very excited to see what kind of diamond earrings you are going to buy me!

Beth said...

Hey! I found your blog through Angela's and have enjoyed checking in! Your kids are beautiful! How fun to host and celebrate Christmas in your new house! And congrats to your husband for such a huge honor!

Kelli said...

I'm with you on the ready for spring!!! I'm done with the holidays! Bring on the sun!

February Jill said...

The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are approximately 3720 to 1.

But... what are bounce points? Do I want them?

By the way, I saw your collage of pictures in your entry way and I LOVE IT!


Michelle said...

I LOVE the little house Darrin designed. :) super sweet!

Stefanie said...

Lots to say about this post.

a. Love the pictures of the kids on the couch in their jammies - I've got to get copies. Timeless.

b. I have gotten to see the collage in close-up, Jill, and it is beyond fabulous. I'm so glad you finally have a place to display your favorites of your so many beautiful pictures.

c. I adore your home.

So glad you are posting and leaving comments again too. Love you.

Alida said...

"Never tell me the odds!" So anyway, after that geeky moment, sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Hooray for new homes and snow!

I love decorating for Chirstmas, but as soon as the last gift is open, I long to take it all down. The living room just looks so sad with no gifts and pieces of tissue paper peeking out from under the couch!

Alida said...

Oh yeah (read in a whisper) Congrats to your hubby, but don't tell him I said so :)

Stacey said...

Wow, Tobin and Jabe have identical smiles, don't they? They're too cute together!