Friday, June 27, 2008

Two X Two

What is it about your child's birthday that takes you right back to the day they were born?I know you've seen all the current Jabe and Phoebe pictures, so today I thought I'd show you a few from the day they were born.

The Oven

There have been many blessing that have come out of my infertility. Life lessons, patience in waiting, a strength in my marriage, but by far the best gift has been the raising of twins. I would have never, ever wished twins on myself. I mean the whole idea is rather absurd. These two have brought me so much joy. The kind of joy that makes me miss them when they are sleeping and happy to greet them in the morning.  
Happy Birthday Jabe and Phoebe. You and your big brother made all those years of sadness melt away. And you guys taught me that even the most scary task of having two newborns in the house...... wasn't so bad after all. 


expressivejames said...

I love the pic of you and the twins. :) Happy Birthday Jabe and Phoebe!

Kim H. said...

Wow - their little faces are so cute!! Now and then... you looked like a baby yourself. :-) Happy Birthday Jabe and Phoebe!!

Angela said...


Can't wait to give you some lovin tomorrow!!!

Crystal said...

Wow, you look good in that hospital pic! And I love the one of Matt and the twins. Happy birthday Phoebe and Jabe!

Their Giant said...

I love (other people's) pregnant bellies....lovely pictures, all. Happy birthday, Phoebe and Jabe.

mbrassfield said...

You have an amazing pregnant belly, I do not see any stretch marks! Plus you looked great after giving birth. I also remember the pic of you in Hawaii with a 2 piece on, I am jealous!

The twins were adorable from the start

Stefanie said...

I love that picture of you and Phoebe and Jabe (wee babies they were).

I still remember having Tobin with us for a few days while you were there and getting to tell him about them being born.

You have done such a wonderful job being mommy to these kids the past two years. You made it look easy to an onlooker - although I know that it wasn't really.

But we do know that those two children are little angels.

Happy Birthday sweeties.

Ona said...

Happy Birthday Jabe and Phoebe.

Love your little friend,

Jonathan said...

Happy Birthday! Or Alles Gute I guess.

Meghan said...

Seriously, how did you look so gorgeous after giving birth to twins? I looked horrendous after I had Diego!! Happy Birthday Twins!!

momaof4 said...

Happy Birthday little ones!! You are growing up so fast, and It is such a joy to watch you change and get older!

Joshua & Valerie said...

Now that's a pic you'll only find from a planned c-section. Hair nicely done, face perfectly make-up-ed. No signs of hours of labor and delivery there. (Hmmm...maybe I should just plan a c-section. It makes for great pics. HA-HA. Yeah, right!)

I love the belly pic. What a beautiful prego belly you had! My mother-in-law took maternity pics of me and photoshopped out the nasty stretch marks!! (Here's assuming your picture is untouched!)

Happy belated birthday, Jabe and Pheobe!!