Monday, June 23, 2008

Master Graduate

It was hot and the ceremony was about to start. I saw some empty spaces way up in the cheap seats and knew that my mom would never be comfortable without a chair. I saw a row that was free but with a sign that said, "Reserved for President Guests" as I was reading it the usher asked if I was a guest of the president. I confidently said yes and my mother and I proudly took our comfy seats. I am ashamed.....not really. I have another confession to make. I was a little board listening to all the speeches and the name after name and blow horn after blow horn and the silly gosh. Anyway that's when I started people watching. I didn't have to watch far before I got my first good laugh. In front of me was a grandma and her preteenish grandson. He was looking on the stage at the hearing impaired interpreter. There conversation went exactly like this:
Grandson: "Grandma, is that lady doing sign language?"
Grandmother: "How the hell should I know."
Grandson: silent

Wow. I'm going out on a limb to say that this is the first graduate in that family.

Next I was drawn to a young 20 something man next to me who looked like he was just kicked out of the computer lab out into the sunshine for the first time. He solved his boredom from the ceremony by reading. Not just any book but, Demon Flower. A closer look showed me that it was a comic book. It must have been a good one cause he chuckled like we were watching a comedy act. I liked him so much that I took a picture of him for you.

Did you notice his rad hat? It has wings. Awesome.

Ok now for the real reason for this post. My little sister got her masters of education! Isn't she pretty?

With her daughter Mariko

With her husband Rhyan (who also graduated with this BA)

With my mom who got her though


Jen said...

CONGRATS to your sister!!

To get your Masters with a baby?? That's impressive!

Kim H. said...

Hysterical... only you could find humor in a graduation ceremony!

Meghan said...

Becca, you seriously crack me up! I love your posts they are so funny! Did Ona email you about the NKOTB concert in November??

Crystal said...

Wow, I admire your verve!

momaof4 said...

To funny girl. And I love that you took pictures too!!! Love it.

WAY TO GO!!! To both family members! How they both did it with a baby is amazing. I am sure they will be burning those books soon :)

Michelle said...

Whenever I come and read your blog... you make me laugh! I love that you took pictures of that poor 20 something book reader!

Ona said...

So exciting! What an accomplishment.

Oh...and I was wanting to know if you would be interested in a girls night out in November. NKOTB are at the Rose Garden. Email and let me know:)

Christi said...

Wait a second...I thought your sister was like 12 years old...I guess I haven't seen her in awhile - she is gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Um...Rebecca. That's my cousin in the rad hat. Im a little offended.

Shannon said...

just kidding.