Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I was tagged awhile ago by Becky and Jen to do eight random things about me. I rebelled against participating in this cyber chain letter voodoo. But just to insure that my finger nails don't turn green and disintegrate into asbestos, I will concede and join in with all ya all and dig up some dirt on myself.

Eight Random Things About Becca:

1. I drink my coffee with a straw. For a few reasons:

a. My lipstick stays on my lips and not on my coffee cup.

b. I hear it helps keeps stains off your teeth.

2.I had a goldfish in jr. high. His name was Fido. When he died, I dissected him. (insane or curious? You decide.)

3. I don't like eating leftovers. (Unless it's from Olive Garden or Matt's pesto chicken pizza)

4. I tivo The View every morning and watch it during nap time. The strange thing is I don't even really like it..... My blood pressure goes up and I mostly just feel irked. But still I view.

5. I really can't remember when my little dog Rosco had his last bath (other than the garden hose). The sad thing is that before I had kids, I use to dress him up in outfits and I even have a baby photo album for him. Now he has just become ...... well.....a dog.

6. My house is a wreak right now. I had mops this morning and left the house in a rush with clothes hangers and highchairs all willy neelly. After mops and the lunch rush I got my kids down for naps and haven't left the couch since. (ok that's a lie. I did get up to pee and to get some chocolate chips out of the freezer. It's the only sweets I have in the house right now)

7. I have a ton of wrapping paper in my basement. My friend's mom used to work for American Greetings. She cleaned out her stash and I became the recipient of gift wrap for every occasion. Graduation? Covered. Valentines Day? Got it. Having your gallbladder out? I've got the perfect paper to celebrate.

8. Jabe has been crying in his crib since #5. And although I feel sad for him I really don't feel any rush to run to his aid. (For goodness sakes, He's fifteen months old and he should know by now that afternoon naps last until 4:30!)

There you go. Now I hope the curse has been lifted. Oh and way to go with the comments from my last post. I'll let it keep running for a week or so before I write the big check. Anyone else who wants to introduce yourself.....I'm open.


Julie said...

Wow, Becca... chocolate chips from the freezer? Do I need to bring you over a treat? How about a cake?

LOVE the picture of the twins. Jabe looks so sweet, and Phoebe's expression reminds me of YOU!

Rachel & Family said...

I could just eat up your kids...they are so sweet!!! (Except of course for waking up from nap early...I hate it when that happens)
You dissected your own goldfish??? Yuck!!!! Was he big?? Was there anything interesting inside???

Kristie said...

Ha! You are funny! I don't know if you lurk on my blog like I have previously been lurking on yours but I feel compelled to continue commenting on your blog even though we don't know each other at all...other than what we can glean from our blog posts...anyway, I had a point but I'm slightly distracted by my three boys that are currently supposed to be sleeping but are all wrestling on the top bunk perhalps I should go check on them...don't they know that its after 8 pm...

Tiff said...

I can SO relate to #5! Before our baby came along, our two dogs were our babies. They ran the household. They slept on the bed, napped on the leather couches, ate from custom made dog dish stands, got walks often, and baths every other weekend at least. Now they have been relegated to the garage to sleep, nap, eat and maybe get a bath every other month! Oh, how life changes when the wee ones come along!

Sharon said...

1. I heard that tidbit,too, from the overly anal couple on Wife Swap.

2. Nice! My type o' gal!

3. Olive Garden left-overs ARE the best! Let's go there so we can have left-overs!!

4. How do you like the new line-up? I don't watch the show, but last time I saw Elizabeth she looked like she was about to pop! Have you ever noticed that Whoopi doesn't have eyebrows?

5. Poor Rosco. Good thing dogs are forgiving.

6. I was desperate for chocolate last night and all we had was chocolate chips, so I dug right in! Good choice!

7. I'm waiting for a gift wrapped in "Torn ligament" wrapping paper.

8. Jabe was crying out of sympathy for Rosco and your #5 confession.

Jennyth said...

At least when you had your first baby you didn't give Roscoe away. Like we did to his poor sister, Joey.

Oh the dogs. The bond we'll always have for buying those dogs together. My buy was spontaneous, hence, the giving away of the Joey after her 2nd birthday. You had the most organized and decorative dog haven awaiting Roscoe...hmmm, some things never change. You always have the coolest organized stuff!

Poor Joey? Naw. Joey is happy and healthy with her new owner, more spoiled than ever. Living the life with a retired man, sitting on his lap in the car, and eating gourmet dog food.

Here's to the dogs...

Glory Laine said...

Shout out to Kristie! Hey I can't seem to find a link to your site. I'd love to look. Thanks for the comments.
Julie, I was going to add that I didn't think the picture of Phoebs was all that flattering but now that you think she looks like me in it.....I need watch my expressions.

Angela said...

I remember that fish and I actually have a professional picture of you, Matt and Rosco framed in this house.
You can find Kristie off my blog!

February Jill said...

There's a reason we love babies more than dogs. I bet none of your kids have ever chewed up your wedding pictures!

AngieG said...

"Cyber chain-letter voodoo" I like it. I too am almost possessed to NOT respond when the email suggests "if you're not ashamed of God..." or "to at least 10 friends and then..."
I relate the most to your dog comment. Poor Bailey - my first born son - he rarely gets to go to the school anymore and can not play with any of Daniel's toys. He has tried mind you- we have found many a stuffed animal in the backyard covered in slobber.
I too could just eat your kids up! I love ALL the photos.

Michelle said...

What a fun post... I love all of your side comments as though you were just talking to us! You are a crack up. I,too, have been a lurker, with Kristie... I figure you are safe considering you are Angela's BFF. :-)

priscilla tilgner said...

*I don't eat left overs either pizza is always the exception!

*And chocolate chips are almost always the answer to my chocolate cravings! one time I had no chocolate and became so desperate I opened a hot chocolate packet licked my finger and dug right in.

*love the picc of the twins they are so cute!

Hosmerita said...

Ok, my 8 random things metions my chocolate chip confessions too!
But I really do think that Priscilla and her hot cocoa takes the cake, and by the way, Julie...
If you ever have a need to make cakes and don't know who to give them to my door and mouth are always open.

Team Johnston said...

Such cute pictures of the kids! So was there anything of interest inside your goldfish? I remember having to dissect a frog in biology class. Chocolate chips are the best!
~Danielle :)

Lindsay said...

Maybe you should add #9 and it could say something like this:
I eventually give into peer (cyber) pressure and blog world is better for it!
Thanks for being you Becca - love that our great friend Angela brought us together many years ago!!

LizzyG said...

You just tell Rosco he better be thankful he wasn't born in the Philippines (see random thing #6 on my post)

And I just love looking at pictures of your kiddos, they are so so cute!

Stefanie said...

Loving Jabe in that picture:)! And I think you prefer to drink all beverages from a straw, even your ice water at a restaurant. Me too. I'm not sure what that is...are we stuck in childhood.

Remember crazy straws?

Joshua & Valerie said...

I am never letting you near my goldfish. Well, if I had one, I'd never let you near it.

LizzyG said...

In regards to your comment on my post, Yes I would love to try to squeeze a coffee night in somehow!

PS - It's Thursday, I have to pay tribute to Dwight Schrute, hence the profile pic

February Jill said...

Becca! I need new material to read! Write another blog. Please!

LizzyG said...

OK, we both posted last on Tuesday, October 16th. Who will be the next to post? Me or You? I am nowhere near a new post. So, whoever posts last gets some sort of reward for being "blog post procrastinating extroadinaire"