Tuesday, July 27, 2010

They Turned Four and I Turned Sad

I promised myself that I would never apoligize for not blogging. I never wanted this hobbie to turn into another thing I felt guilt over . . . that being said, a month of not posting is just too long and I hope someone in the world wide web still remembers ole' Glory.

I have so much to blog about but I thought I'd go with the most important first: Phoebe and Jabe are now rocking four fingers up when you ask how old they are.
I took a huge step in my recovery (incase you didn't know, I'm addicted to having babies) and packed up all the baby gear and clothes to a consignment store. (tear)

This just might be the last birthday party they share before they are wise that they can have an all boy or girl party. We had a stripe and polka dot party, with bright colors and tons and tons of balloons. (Call me a snob but decorating with balloons is reserved for birthday parties only. There I said it and it feels better.)
Hung up the happy birthday sign

Had Grandma Pam make the cutest cake ever!
Sprinkled pom poms everywhere.
Stayed up till midnight the night before stuffing and making give-a-way bags

Some flowers by my favorite florist and my sister-in-law Dorinda
I made these adorable banners
Had a very simple menu. I've always thought Phoebe and Jabe's names sounded like PB and J so we had a peanut butter and jelly bar.

Had to take a picture of Tobin making his first sandwich


Making Wishes:

Some guests:
My Grandpa and Dad
My beautiful Gandma
Happy four year old, Jabe.
My niece Mariko, just a few days shy of four herself.
And a few pictures of the day after:

And this picture of my big girl is just pure sunshine:


Aly said...

I LOVE this picture. What a cutie pie!

Angela said...

Pictures are precious and I am soooo Impressed and proud of you! :) Good times for sure!

Crystal said...

So sad we missed it! Love all the pics and the decorations and cake!

Christi said...

That looks like a blast. I love the picture of them blowing out their candles like champs.

Stefanie said...

Good job - your feet are wet, now keep em coming:)

Loved all the pics since I couldn't be there!

red-headed Wilson's said...

So nice to check your blog and see a post. Feel a bit like a peeping Tom, checking in on your blog, but I enjoy your stories :)

KLB said...

I always think of you at my wedding. You poor thing....standing up there with those two ready to come out any second! I can't believe its been four years. Where did you take the clothes....I need to snag some! LOL