Monday, May 17, 2010

Spending My Time

It's been a month since I logged on to this account and I've missed you all. I thought I'd catch you up on just a few things that have been eating my time.

Easter. Nothing says, "My savior lives", like bunny ears and plastic egg hunts. Can I get a witness?
Celebrated 13 years married to this guy. I look like I am three feet tall in this picture. And really, did I really curl my bangs under?
T-ball mania.
Most of t-ball is watching little boys adjust their cups and playing in the dirt.

We threw a little BBQ for Matt's best friend Steve, who left for Iraq this morning.

I helped out on a huge fundraising dinner for our local Pregnancy Center.

I am obsessed with these little gluten free wonders.
I make anyone near me try them and with the exception of my i-only-eat-five-different-kinds-of-food eldest child, everyone is amazed at how good they are. Who would have thought these little clusters of sweet nuts could rule my life? (Dear Jesus, protect this blog from anyone that googles "sweet nuts" and finds this post. Amen)

I have also been bitten by the genealogy bug. I've gotten really far on both sides of my family and have been introduced to some really interesting character in my family tree. Some nights I'm up till the wee hours of the morning because I'm on a roll uncovering names and dates and piecing them all together. It's a trip. I was so excited one night to see that my 27th great grandmother is Joan of Arc!
I was so stoked I woke up Matt to tell him, called my mother early the next morning and told my Bible study girls that night. When I got home Matt rented "The Messenger" So we could learn a little more about her. Two minuets into the story things were not adding up to me. Re-looked at my notes and I miss read the name
Acre for Arc. AND I was about 200 years off from my relative AND my relative is English not French. So. That popped my bubble and I decided I don't make a great genealogist after 9 pm. Honestly at 2 am I could have read my ancestor was Kermit the Frog and I would have believed it with all my heart, and I would have woke Matt up to tell him that I was a son of a muppet.

I've also been getting my craft on. We've lived in our house for 1.5 years and I am going crazy with my bare walls. But remember I got this sink and because of it I now can barely feed my family, let alone buy art for my walls. So I made these?

What do you think?


Erin said...

Thanks for the laugh!! I love the Joan of Arc story. Do you watch "Who Do You Think You Are?" I love it! Geneology is so interesting to me, too. I just can't bring myself to pay for
I also love the plate-looking things. So pretty!

Stefanie said...

So happy to see you posted:)

And even more tickled that you did that craft I passed your way! I can't believe you forgot to tell me - it looks great. I love that website:)

Candi said...

Good job, Becca. I've missed you! Impressive job on the artsy plates - they look very nice. Someday I plan to do the ancestry thing. I think my mom must be related to British royalty somehow, some way..........

Stephanie said...

You crafty girl, you!

My mom is an expert genealogist, and she has some fabulous stories to tell of researching peoples' history. For the longest time Jason and I thought he was descended from Benjamin Rush--signer of the Declaration of Independence. Turns out he was related to Benjamin Rush, the same-named nephew of THE FAMOUS Benjamin Rush. It doesn't have quite the ring to it, does it?

One of Jason's grandmas was convinced she was related to Abraham Lincoln, but alas, not. Jason's other grandma was convinced she was Dutch, but it turns out she was 100% German. She was so mad about it she never spoke to my mother again.

If you get stuck on any ancestry lines, let me know. My mom loves a good sleuthing.

Crystal said...

That last close-up shot of the plates looks likes the fabric from Jill's bedroom curtains! Love them. And I have so been missing your blog! Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

You are hot!



Loving Purgatory said...

It's so funny that you left a comment on my blog last night because I was actually reading yours. I wanted to see the cute pictures of your kids to cheer me up and ended up reading about 7 entries aloud to my mom and Sean who were laughing and doing the shake your head while laughing thing. I was actually going to send you an email this morning about how you cheered us up and I saw your note to me. Love you and your family my friend. Hope to see you soon.

Angela said...

Nice job with the wall art! Also you got me hooked on those little treats from Costco. Thanks a lot!

Lindsay said...

Hello! Life continues to roll by at crazy speeds and well ... you're still enjoying it to the fullest! :)

Rachel Clear said...

You posted again!

Great artwork, great photos, great stories... :)

Rachel said...

Love it! You are so funny Becca!

February Jill said...

Love your wall art. I couldn't tell if they were plates or if they are plaques or frames with paper or fabric for color and design? Help please :)


littlecbsmom said...

Glad to have you back in blog world, loved catching up!

I adore the artwork, and am very impressed seeing that I am completely craft challenged myself. BUT I must say that sink is wonderful and so worth it...those walls will get filled up!

AngieG said...

Love this post! Easter - hysterical. Joan of Arc - only you! New snack - will try! Craft - MUST SEE! Website from Stefanie? What? Where? LOVE the craft.

Jenny vick said...

um..i too have been away from blogging land..and when I clicked on your sink link i was awe! and had to check out all your open house post..and now that I am up to my ears in nesting and have scrubbed my house from head to metephorical toe..I now would like very much to move into your house :)