Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Flying First

This morning Matt drove our first born to the airport and let Tobin board the aircraft all by himself. Matt said he went without hesitation. It went just as the airlines promised, Matt got to take him to the gate and when it was time to board a stewardess took his hand and became his slave for the duration of the flight. Tobin was showered with snacks and a beverage of his choice, (he choose Root Beer at 9 am, the wildman!). I was a bit nervous the night before. I mean what if he were to refuses to get on the plane last minuet? What if he gets sick on the descent? What if terrorist decide that a commuter flight from Portland to Boise is the best way to get our attention? (I've never claimed to be rational.)
Before Matt was even home, we got the call from Grandma Pam that Tobin was in Boise and "had a great flight". I talked with Tobin on the phone and his voice was beaming with bravery and self pride. He sounded older to me. Not as small as the 5 and 11/12th that he is. I think I got a little older too.
Tobin is sure to have a great week in McCall. Grandma has ice cream on the menu everyday and she is picking up a new pug puppy in Boise right now!


Candi said...

How exciting for Tobin! That's a great flight to start with - Shelbea has done that one a few times going to see Crystal. She loves flying alone :-) Lots of independence and attention, two of her favorite things in life. Hope he has a great time, and you and Matt have a little extra time to relax also.

Kim H. said...

It is funny what happens in our heads if they are allowed to run wild. I've had plenty of irrational thoughts like that - and can't even factor in the mothering instinct yet! :-)

Stacey said...

What a brave little monkey! I'm seriously impressed.

February Jill said...

I'm glad it went well. What a fun time for him.

Daphne spent the night and she thought for sure that he was flying alone... as in absolutely alone, no pilot or stewardesses or anything!


Stefanie said...

I adore that pic of him - please add it to your wall.

Speaking of the you think we could have a "date" night and you can help me pick some for my wall-to-be?

Love you!