Thursday, June 18, 2009


In case you've ever wondered what gets ball point pen ink off walls:
rubbing alcohol and elbow grease.

This Public Service Announcement has been brought to you by,
the letters J, A, B, and E.


Jenny vick said...

I love this..especially since last night while putting the girls to bed I noticed quite a creation of ball-point squiggles on their pretty white dresser! I decided on White for an optimal color choice for children's furniture anyway! Someone without kids...that's who.

Jenny vick said...

I meant to say "WHO" decided on white!

Rachel said...


Kim H. said...

I love it - and the sesame street spin on it being brought to you by the letters: J, A, B, and E

too funny!

Alida said...

Hey, we have a Blastech DL-44! Sergio painted black for the kids thereby insuring that it will be mistaken for a real gun by anyone who is not a Star Wars geek. Lovely. Too bad you couldn't just blast those ink spots off.

Tiffany said...

Ball point pens are evil!

momaof4 said...

Oh, my, goodness!

Thank you. I am not kidding. EVERY child has written there name on our walls, or chairs, or bookshelves, or bed, or or or!!!

I will give it a test around here for sure!

KLB said...

What about clothes...sometimes hair spray doesn't work. Abby is into coloring now. We have to watch her like hawks!

February Jill said...

I noticed the sesame street spin too! Cute.
Love your kids. We had fun hanging out with them on Saturday!