Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sometimes God Doesn't Give Us a Choice

I believe God gave all of us free will. He has laid out a perfect plan for us to lead a fulfilling bountiful life and we go along and choice by choice either steer towards that perfection or away from it.
I have been watching my diet since January. I make choices considering what I eat or don't multiple times a day. Yesterday I found myself at Safeway for a milk and banana run. Something (I can only describe it as supernatural) pulled me towards the freezer section. And there I saw it.

Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's




I have come to learn in my almost 31 years of life that sometime God doesn't offer a choice. Sometimes our hands are tied and we have to humbly submit to Him over the gift of frozen caffeine with buttery caramel crunchy candy.

Today again I heard the voice of God when I was reminded by Abby that Java Crew was giving away FREE coffee. And again I was given no choice but to load the twins into the car and have them miss their morning nap while I waited in line to receive my demanded blessing. It's hard being a servant.
Seriously my hands were tied. What would you have done? Ignored God? Followed the diet over our savior? Well, I am just not that kind of Christian.

Now just for fun, lets see what A Coffee Toffee ice cream and A Carmel Silk latte look like making out......

What a baby they would make.


Rachel said...

Ben and Jerry's is my WEAKNESS!!! I have found that my weight has stayed relatively constant since I've GIVEN UP the boys! THey make the best ice cream ever!!! I feel for your lack of choice....I am right there with you!!!

momaof4 said...

Darren's fav!! He can eat one or two bits and then put it back!!!! He is crazy.

On my way to the free coffee tonight, don't forget DB too.

Mrs. Ranch said...

It's such a good thing that I have a spiritual person around me to guide me in these matters.

I've been watching my diet too, and sometimes you just HAVE to induldge. It doesn't mean you've been bad, you are just enjoying the things that God gave us to enjoy.


Jenny vick said...

you are quite possibly the funniest woman I've met in my life! I feel the same way about the divine purpose that sweet mocha chocolataley goodness has in my life. Why else do I work at starbucks?...God MUST want me to have as many soy frothy foamy mochas as humanley possible....for free :)

Ona said...

I like Leslie's comment.
Gods been giving me a whole lot of high calorie foods to enjoy!

Lindsay said...

Ha! You are so funny!

What's even funnier is that I saw you headed back down Wallace as I was turning into D.B. this morning, for my freebie :)

LizzyG said...

You are going to give some reader some real messed up theology :)

I drove by both places 4 times today:
1. On my way to work
2. On my way to pick up the kids from school
3. On my way back to work
4. On my way home

And not once did I have time to stop and get my free coffee! Oh, the agony!!!
I'm so glad you didn't ignore God though. You now must have the most beautiful jewel in your crown for such a sacrifice.

Kim said...

Oh my gosh - this post cracked me up!! Glad you were able to follow the Lord's calling and endulge a little for all of us!

Alida said...

Seriously a match made in heaven!

(Diets are the work of the devil!)

Angela said...

I really wish I was there and enjoying that with you!
I also wish Matt was taking Dylan to work with him! :)

Tiffany said...

Oh the looks of that last photo I'd say the toffee and coffee has gone to your head for sure! Certainly that is what our Lord would have wanted though...I'm pretty sure as I know you are! Otherwise He wouldn't have created such things for us to be pulled toward with no choice!

Lindsay said...

Ice cream, ice cream... we all scream for ice cream!!!

Lindsay said...

I(scream), You(scream) - we all scream for ice cream...

I'm pretty sure I wasn't thinking clearly yesterday... most likely in need of ice cream :)

Happy Friday!

ChickideeLilly said...

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. Loved it!!

AngieG said...

There are not many friends of mine that would ponder the child conceived by two favorite treats - but you Becca, are a true original thinker. My love for ice cream is difinitely "God inspired" so I read with much agreement!

priscilla tilgner said...

You are hilarious. (K)noble too ;)

Becca, its good to know if you had ever strayed away from your calling as a mom you would have had a successful career in comedy. I can't help but crack up when I read your post's like this.

Stacey said...

I can so relate to this. Leonora is the coffee cart lady at my work and nobody makes a caramel latte like she does. I refer to her as my dealer.
It's torture to walk by her cart in the morning on my way to pump. Doesn't a girl deserve a reward for the annoyance of pumping? Heck yeah!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your gift of humor in the midst of the ordinary. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.........from Aunt Candi

Stefanie said...

The amount of comments here tells me that a lot of us girls get this struggle and share your love of the best treats out there. I'm glad you enjoyed them so:)