Friday, February 09, 2007

If He would have given me a choice.

So if last week God would have given me a choice if he could allow Matt to leave town for a week and give me and the kids a awful flu, I would have said, "HELL NO". So I guess that's why he didn't give me one. I would have told him that I was worried enough about having Matt gone all week and that I had plans. My MOPS group on Tuesday with a lunch with Julie, my long a waited visit with my dear friend Angela on Wednesday, my Thursday outing with my pregnant cousin Jill. I HAD PLANS. Well those changed Sunday night when Tobin woke up in a tub of puke and continued to puke and dry heave every half hour. By the mornings light Tobin had two baths, three jammie changes, my hall way, entryway, and bathroom had been moped, Tobin's sheets were changed, my sheet were changed and a pile of smelly laundry had stacked up and I was exhausted!!! And folks that's just the beginning. It's one thing to take care of sick children when you are healthy but when I started puking.... I got scared. So as I lay sweating and shaking and wanting Matt to be home so bad I could have levitated him home. (He was sick too by the way) I prayed more then once, God give me strength. And of course he did. Tobin bounced into my room that morning loaded with healthy energy and demanded breakfast. ( I wished I could make him into a thoughtful eleven year old who would have seen that I was sick and quietly slipped out of the room to make his own breakfast, but there he remained a helpless selfish three year old.) So I did something that I hate doing. I ASKED FOR HELP. I called my wonderful, gracious, beautiful mother-in-law who was already busy at work. She dropped everything and arranged for Tobin to go to his pre-school all day and helped me get the twins up and brought them for me to nurse. She stayed till noon and then came back after work and took Tobin home with her for the night. So here it is Friday, Matt is home and is almost better. I'm feeling better by the minuet and Tobin is well too. The twins on the other hand are just starting diarrhea. I am praying that they don't get as sick as we all were. For those of you still reading this post let me just say that although I would have never asked for this, I have gained confidence in me as a parent this week. I am stronger then I thought I was and I am so grateful for my support team in my life. I have a deep admiration for single parents. I was blessed by my MOPS group who dropped by crackers, 7up, Jello, and Soup. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am also just aware again that God cares more about our character than our comfort. I am grateful for my health now more then ever. Sorry for the long post but it's been a long week. Peace

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Alida said...

I'm so glad you are better. It's the pitts when mommy is sick. A thoughtful 11 year old? Hmm?